Open Look. Body. Vazanna Sharon & Tomer Sapir(Israel)

Open Look. Body. Vazanna Sharon & Tomer Sapir(Israel)

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In the play, the creators work with the body and its boundaries, and examine it, beginning from subcutaneous tissues and sensory endings to instincts and physical appearance. The human body is unlimited integrity; Matter enters and is forced out of it; It meets other bodies, touches them, penetrates them and they penetrate it. The boundaries of the body are constantly violated in various ways: physically, as part of daily functions, as well as in the social and cultural context. The human body acts on its environment and the environment constantly affects it. The tension that arises between the awakened desires and the temptations of the body on the one hand and the growing antipathy on the other hand is inevitable. The work was awarded a scholarship for the excellent quality in modern dance by the Israel Performers Union in 2016. Sharon Vazanna and Tomer Sapir began to cooperate two with Half a year ago. The starting point was the desire to combine the dance with modern art of painting, to explore topics that interested both. In the process of creation, Tomer took part in rehearsals and worked with various materials that were applied to the bodies of dancers and to the stage. He used a variety of materials - from solid to viscous and liquid. As a result, it turned out something like another layer of skin, which changes as the performance develops, and in the end it is simply removed and finally disintegrated.

Music - Adam Gorilzki
Musical accompaniment - ARC OF DOVES - PAVANE
I. Brahms. Trio for piano, op.8, adagio performed by BEAUX ARTS TRIO
Lighting Designer - Omer Schesef
The director-tutor and the assistant to the art director - Melanie Berson
Performers - Tamar Sonn, Ben Bach, Bar Gonen, Shira Ben Uriel


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