The play «All of You Will Take in My Heart...»

The play «All of You Will Take in My Heart...»

In the center of the play, the fate of Dostoevsky (in the role of Fyodor Mikhailovich - Andrei Gruntovsky) - shown directly, - according to memoirs and documents - biographically and - poetically, - through the characters of the author's novels, through scenes from novels ... In parallel, the writer's third fate is his socio-political, philosophical, and somewhere and theological fate and mission: shown through polemics with Nekrasov, Belinsky, Petrashevsky, Turgenev, Herzen, Pobedonostsev, Suvorin and others ...

In the play again there is a song beginning, moving, as in all our productions, and not accompanying dramaturgy. Here and prison songs of the nineteenth century and romances to verses Tyutchev. During the two-hour performance, images and scenes arise from the novels "Poor People", "Crime and Punishment", "Dead House", "Idiot", "Meek", "Teenager", "Brothers Karamazov". And Dostoevsky himself enters the life of his heroes (loses the hero of "Meek," Svidrigailov ...) - as if testing the "bad", sinful possible variants of his life, his "second self." And the heroes are in his destiny - Teenager, Sonechka ... and so on. So, Alyosha Karamazov reads the final tombstone to Dostoevsky ... In it only three words are changed and it turns out that he no longer reads Ilyushechka, but Fyodor Mikhailovich ... The theme of the play - memories of Anna Grigoryevna Snitkina (Dostoyevskaya). The premiere took place in the Svyatodukhiv Hall of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra, where he sang to Fyodor Mikhailovich, on the eve of his anniversary - February 8, 2017.


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