Circus show «Desire to Fly»

Circus show «Desire to Fly»

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Anniversary program for the 140th anniversary of the circus on the Fontanka River

The main idea of ​​the production is to open the audience to the wonderful and magical world of the circus, where any miracles become possible. Here, people get their wings and fly under the dome without any insurance, and the animal trainers speak with animals in one language. The key number of the program will be the performance of gymnasts on belts: Katerina Abakarova and Valery Sychev, owners of many awards of the most prestigious circus festivals around the world. The leitmotif of the air composition filled with the most complicated stunt part is love and passion, sensuality and tenderness.

At the arena will come representatives of one of the oldest circus dynasties - the brothers Gertner with a thrilling attraction "Elephant and Children", where the children of trainers perform tricks along with their parents. In the new program of the spectators bright attractions with trained camels, monkeys, parrots and dogs await, as well as a lot of complicated acrobatic numbers. Joyous emotions and unforgettable impressions will be presented to all spectators by clowns: Sergei Kolganov and Oleg Belogorlov.


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