The Show Program «So Different the Night»

The Show Program «So Different the Night»

Show program "Such different nights"

Night is not just a dark time of the day when life stops. Very often it is quite the opposite, at night the real life begins. St. Petersburg at night transforms beyond recognition and becomes an ideal place for those who want to feel the spirit of urban romance, the sincerity of love and bright twists of fate. But "Every night you need your own menu" ... Chaplin Hall offers a unique menu from a bright show, Homeric laughter, author's dishes and hot dances. "Such different nights" is not just a show, it's an extravaganza, the quintessence of entertainment, brilliance and eccentricity. You are waiting for an interactive program from the ballet Grigorian. The unique choreography of the ballet, clear observance of the dance drawing and synchronized movements distinguishes the "Grigorian" from other ballet companies of the city! All this will be joined for you by the Laureate and Grand Prix winner of the All-Russian Contests of Variety Artists, the finalist of the "Minute of Fame" program, the best graduate of the St. Petersburg Academy of Theatrical Art, one of the most popular leading cities of St. Petersburg, the person who radiates positive - Dmitry Kuzenyatkin and Participant of the show "The Voice" - Julia Kuusmets.
There will be rallies, pleasant gifts, new acquaintances and a holiday atmosphere! The evening will turn into an unforgettable adventure.

Guests gathering at 19:00
Beginning of the program at 20:00


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