The concert «Music of Our Victory»

The concert «Music of Our Victory»

Admiralty Orchestra of the Leningrad Naval Base

On May 9, the Great Hall of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Society invites you to the traditional festive concert "The Music of Our Victory". Victory Day is a special date in the history of our Fatherland. This is truly a national holiday, because there is not a single person whose family was not affected by military events. The direct participants and witnesses of the war are still alive - this is the first concert devoted to them. The music of our Victory is the same as the holiday itself: its joy "with tears in its eyes," and memories of glorious deeds are necessarily accompanied by the eternal memory of those who perished for their Motherland. The evening will be attended by: the leading military musical group of Russia - the Admiralty Orchestra of the Leningrad Naval Base under the guidance of its artistic director and conductor Valentina Lyashchenko, soloists Lyudmila Shkirtil (mezzo-soprano) and Anton Petryaev (baritone), pianist Yuri Serov. The program will feature popular songs and symphonic music of the war years.

Conductor - Valentin Lyashchenko
Lyudmila Shkirtil - mezzo-soprano
Anton Petryaev - baritone
Yuri Serov - pianoforte

Ivanov-Radkevich "The Victory March", Tsfasman "Farewell Ray", Tabachnikov "At the Black Sea", Zharkovsky "Blue-Eyed Seaman", "Tango at the Station", Chernetsky-March of the Ukrainian Front, Blanter "Morning and Evening", Turgel "Leningrad Nights "Bogoslovsky" The Carrier's Song ", Baines" Waltz Fate ", Dunaevsky" Silence "from the movie" Merry Stars ", Rodriguez" Cumparsita ", Donaida" Two solodi ", Jacques" Hands "," Cucaracha ", Mexican folk song Sidorov "The Secret", Santehuini "Rio Rita", Petersburg "Blue Handkerchief", Tukhmanov "Victory Day"


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