The play «Hostages of Love»

The play «Hostages of Love»

The play based on the play "American Captive" by Natalia Demchik (one of the five best contemporary playwrights-comediographers). A very funny and touching comedy about love, tenderness, devotion and fidelity that do not fade with the years. With the same success, the performance is accepted not only in Russia, but also abroad. "Here and met two loneliness. He is an American sent to Russia, She is a charming Russian widow. At the most interesting moment, at the time of the offer of the hand and heart, are their deceased spouses - the American feminist Deborah and the Russian joker, the drunkard and the soul of the company - Grisha. And it starts ... It will not seem.

Genre: Comedy
Actors: NA of Russia - Natalia Egorova, NA of Russia - Alexander Pankratov-Cherny, ZA of Russia - Svetlana Toma, Andrey Kharitonov
Duration of the performance: 2 hours 10 minutes


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