Performance «The Accompanist»

Performance «The Accompanist»

Parade of comedies for the 100th anniversary of the Great Russian Artist Georgy Vitsin.

Performance based on Alexander Galin's play "Accompanist."
When we hear the word "entreprise", then a stereotype works - it means a comedy, and the word "Theater" does not always appear in the mind. With a capital letter. That Theater, which will wake up in us a long sleeper feeling; That Theater, which shakes off from us the shackles of monotonous everyday life; The Theater that will present the Joy of Life. The plot of "Accompanyiator" is simple, it is prompted by our life. It is about a poor young musician who, in search of livelihood, found an unusual, but very effective, way to earn money.He cares for the elderly, and those who see sincere participation and care, try to thank him and do it with the generosity that is inherent in truly lonely people who have found a loved one again. Who is he, this accompanist, the extortioner, the swindler? Or the same lonely person who saw in his wards long-forgotten parental affection? Coming to the play, you will pass through a series of comical and dramatic moments, you will laugh to "colic in the stomach" and at the same time experience and sympathize with the heroes of the play. Each viewer will find for himself, the most intimate, that is hidden in the depths of our souls.

Genre: Comedy
Actors: nAa. RSFSR Mikhail Zhigalov, n.a. Larissa Luzhina, n.a. Russia Raisa Ryazanova, Alexander Gundarev.
Running time: 2 hours 20 minutes


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