The Play «Marriage»

The Play «Marriage»

Parade of comedies for the 100th anniversary of the Great Russian Artist Georgy Vitsin.

Gogol's "Marriage" is one of the most popular comedies on the Russian stage for almost 200 years. Perhaps, only one more Gogol's play - "Inspector" - can perhaps compare with it. Directors again and again find fresh colors in these brilliant works, the actors play with pleasure in them, and the spectators do not get tired of watching. A bold experiment by the director and artist-director, Honored Artist of Russia, Vadim Romanov.The premiere performance "Marriage", infernality and mysticism in it desperately struggle with philosophy and realism. Unexpected decisions of the most famous scenes compel the contemporary to look at today's life, relying on the classics, - again and again to think: what kind of phenomenon is such a Russian man?

Genre: Comedy
The director-director is the Honored Artist of Russia Vadim Romanov.
Actors: T. Mokeeva S.Blidnykh O. Zavyalova A.Baydakov N.Plotnikov D.Gulnev A.Mokeev A.Kargina D.Moiseev A.Boroshnin
Duration: 2 hours 40 minutes with intermission.


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