The play «Nice. Very!»

The play «Nice. Very!»

The production was based on five comedy stories by Vasily Shukshin. The heroes of the play are simple and uncomplicated, but each of them is tormented by its own unsolvable problem. Gleb Kapustin is waiting for a meeting with the candidate of sciences to prove to him that in the village there are also "great minds". Always calm and compliant Venya Zyablitsky for the first time decides to quarrel with his wife and mother-in-law. Andrei Yerin does not know how to tell his wife that he lost money. Sergei Dukhanin experiences the torment of choice - what is more important for him: half a moped or a smile of his wife? And only old Afanasy Deryabin is not up to family dramas. He is busy with an extremely important matter - writing letters to the regional executive committee with requests to rename the lane where he lives, in honor of himself - Athanasius Deryabin.

In these ordinary life stories, viewers of the play will find poetry and beauty, for Shukshin's everyday life image always combines with her philosophical understanding and reasoning about the "eternal" issues of human existence. Anyway, our heroes understand that the main thing in life is not things and money, but love, kindness and justice. And to live from this awareness is getting good ... Very much!

Genre: Comedy
Director: Vasily Senin
Actors: Vyacheslav Korobitsyn / Alexander Lenin, Sonya Gorelik, Alexander Mashanov / Alexander Ronis, Polina Fetisova
Premiere: May 13, 2017
Duration: 2 hours with 1 intermission


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