The play «From Evening Until Noon»

The play «From Evening Until Noon»

Moscow, 70 years. A huge apartment in the elite "Stalin" high-rise on the Uprising Square, in which several generations of one family live. The head of the family is Andrey Trofimovich Zharkov, an aging Soviet writer, his unmarried daughter Nina, the son of Kim, a formerly promising sportsman and Albert is Kim's son, a schoolboy is a polyglot. Each generation has its own problems and concerns.

Kim yearns for his wife who left him and abroad, Albert is waiting for a meeting with her mother. Nina many years ago tried to commit suicide because of her unhappy love for Lyova, resigned herself to the fate of a single woman. Andrei Konstantinovich himself, a large but long-standing writer, writes a long and painful novel.

On the one hand, the ordinary intelligentsia conducts a customary life with appropriate rituals of the people - joint dinners at a large table, reading in the domestic circle fresh chapters from the new novel of the head of the family. On the other hand, the intrigue is quickly fastened - Kim's ex-wife and Nina's ex-wife appear in the house, and relative peace comes to an end, each of the households is forced to make a serious choice.

Genre: Tragicomedy
Directed by: Marfa Horwitz
Actors: Mikhail Samochko, People's Artist of Russia. Art. RF Igor Volkov, Alexander Glebov, Yanina Lakoba, Elena Kalinina, Alexander Shinkarev, Vyacheslav Korobitsin
Opening night: April 21, 2017
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes


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