The play «Turandot»

The play «Turandot»

This story - about the young and for the young. Melodramatic comedy, rap fairy tale for adults, a parable about love, battle and victory. Youth - a time when all the senses are sharpened, when every act - to aortic rupture, every word - the last, every thought - to decide when the world in black and white, and your eternal choice - to win or die.
Heroes gotstsievoy fyaby - children of war. These young people were born and raised in the world of cruel, merciless, they are only able to fight to the last, and even love - this battle: who will win. Princes come to conquer the beautiful Turandot. Lovely Turandot wins every battle for their freedom. She's a monster, this beauty, she a fire-breathing dragon, and only a foreigner, an exile who lost the throne Calaf saw in it a touching, unhappy, a girl grown up without a mother, a lifetime is not enough heat and boundless forgiving love. Calaf not only at war with it, but honestly plays its rules. And confused with pride pride princess learns that there is another life, other feelings are love, tenderness, care and self-denial.
At the same time, "Turandot" - a comedy. Hooligan, madcap, with music and dancing, with buffoonery and shtukarstvom. Because this is the story of the young and for the young, and youth - a time of madness, merriment and lightness of being.

Genre: Rap fairy tale for adults
Director: Galina Bizgu
Cast: Momot Anton, Sofia Karabulina, Latysheva Vera, Natalia Shulin, Andrei Aladin, Fedor Klimov, Gabriel Fedotov, Georgii Voronin, Maria Myasnikov, Yesenia Raevskaya, Olga Afanasiev, Russian Maria, Igor Klychkov
Premiere: December 13, 2016
Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes with one intermission


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