Gypsy musical theatre "the Soul of the Roman" in the "Taeven, bajtala".

Gypsy musical theatre "the Soul of the Roman" in the "Taeven, bajtala".

Gypsy musical theater "The Soul Romain". In the program "Tayavan bakhtala".

What could be better than a piercing-soul gypsy chorus or a romance under the enchanting voice of a violin and a silvery search of a seven-stringed guitar? It was she, seven-stringed, made many ordinary people and great writers, poets and politicians cry. A fiery gypsy steppe? This cosmic energy is the movement of a flamboyant gypsy dance. Here it is, Legendary Loiko and the herd of horses, here it smells of fresh grass and mown hay. They are here, together with us, on this stage make you cry and laugh, and most importantly, they will make you, even for the evening, at least for a few minutes or moments, truly happy and free. Here, in the hall of the legendary theater-restaurant "Chaplin Hall", you will hear and see old gypsy camp giants and incendiary songs of different styles, from flamenco to gypsy rock; Mischief, jokes and jokes, friendship and loyalty, gypsy love, rituals and customs. Take a fascinating musical journey through countries and continents with our heroes - artists of the theater "Dynasty Roman" And also, this evening, in the foyer of Chaplin Hall, you will be waited with a fascinating, mystical spellcasting from a hereditary fortuneteller! It will reveal to you the future, will remind you of the future Past and help in the present!

Reception at 18:00
The beginning of the program at 19:00


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