"Bricks" for more than twenty years of history have become iconic artists for a whole generation of the nineties and naught. Returning each time with a new release, the group finds new admirers and admirers for whom to be involved in the creative work of the collective is the opportunity to be in their cultural environment and be their own among their own. And such classical albums of musicians as "Bricks are heavy" and "Death on a rave" became a symbol of that epoch when FM radio stations did not already know that such censorship, and the word "format" yet did not have such negative shade as today.

Having survived the era of a new alternative wave of mid-2000s and boldly maneuvering at the junction of different genres, the music of the "Bricks" became more rigid, and the texts of the frontman of Vasily Vasin's group began to reflect a sharp look at the modern reality in show business. Vasily in his interviews repeatedly notes that new forms of rap art such as battles are boring to him, and all the hype of the new Russian rap passes him, which he is very happy about.

To date, the group is a regular participant of a large number of summer festivals in Russia and abroad, and plans for the near future compilation of the best songs on vinyl, the publication of the biography of the group in the form of books and, of course, a new album, work on which is already being done on the home studio musicians.


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