The play «Mandragora»

The play «Mandragora»

Florence of the Renaissance. Kalimacco burned with a passion for Lucretia - a beautiful married woman who does not have children. Thoughts about a lady of the heart are driving him crazy, forcing the most insidious and even immoral intrigues for the sake of rapprochement with his beloved. Pretending to be a doctor, he penetrates the house of the husband of Donna Lucretia and convinces him of the healing power of a mandrake, allegedly capable of instantly curing infertility.

However, the magic plant has a small, but very annoying side effect: a magical drug will kill the first man with whom the spent spouse will spend the night. The happy husband, inspired by the prospect of finally finding offspring, rushes to find someone who could "distract the mandrake, and then rest with his wife safely." A happy owner of such a championship expects to become obsessed with Kalimacco passion ...

Genre: Comedy
Director: Iskander Sakaev
Actors: Vladimir Kolganov, Nazar Onishchuk, Andrei Shimko, Dmitry Lugovkin
Premiere: October 28, 2016
Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes, 1 intermission


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