The play «Death Of Tarelkin»

The play «Death Of Tarelkin»

"It's decided! .. I do not want to live ... I was tired of the need, lenders tortured, the authorities drove into the coffin! .. I die. But I will not die as much as any horse dies - I took it, but like a fool, according to the law of nature and died. No, but I will die against law and nature; I will die for myself in sweetness and pleasure; I'll die the way no one died! ..

Entangled in his own debts, an average middleman Tarelkin does not think of anything better than imitating his own death. With dead money you will not take and the case for "death" presented itself the most suitable. Just now, Tarelkin's neighbor, Sila Silych Kopylov, has died, who has no children, no relatives, no debts, and there is a passport! The "deceased" will now be Tarelkin, and Kopylov "alive."

Grotesque author's text of Sukhovo-Kobylin, written more than a century ago and far beyond the scope of satire, still remains strikingly relevant today. The author continues the theme begun by Gogol and Saltykov-Shchedrin of exposing stupidity, greed and bureaucracy.

Genre: Drama
Director: Semen Serzin
Actors: Andrey Vergelis, Zhenya Anisimov / Ilya Del, Oleg Senchenko / Andrey Panin, Ilya Borisov
Premiere of the play: December 16, 2016
Running time: 2 hours 20 minutes, 1 intermission


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