VIA «Proletarian Tango»

VIA «Proletarian Tango»

Dear comrades! This year marks the 110th anniversary of the rally in the bourgeois city of New York, the procession that gave rise to the bright holiday of spring, the international women's day of March 8! In honor of this jubilee, the vocal-instrumental ensemble "Proletarian Tango" will perform in the "Cosmonaut" club a special program dedicated to the most beautiful, beloved, affectionate and, of course, independent and equal (after all, that historic rally was about equality) - our dear girls of all ages.

VIA "Proletarian Tango" has been performing the most favorite songs of the Soviet stage for the second year in the original author's arrangement and a full orchestral composition - even a balalaika is available! In the repertoire there are the obligatory "Moscow Windows" and "The Snow Is Coming", the piercing confession of "Why, why", the dolphin "Dunya" and such native "Leningrad Bridges" - and much, much more, including compositions of your own composition. In the composition - entirely virtuosi, masters and talents, and the artistic director and talented krugner Dmitry Karanevsky this fall and recognized the whole country in person - thanks to participation in the show "The Voice" on the TV channel "First".


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