The Psyche group, which celebrated its 20th anniversary last fall, continues its confident movement in the forefront of domestic progressive, independent, lively and truly alternative music. Trip-metal, cyber-emo-kor, techno-grunge as soon as they do not call the creation of this Petersburg-Kurgan musical grouping, but each person has a personal opportunity to check and feel on his own skin and with his own ears what it really is - Psyche in 2017.19th of May in Moscow club YotaSpace the musicians will play the program "Spring", and on June 2 in St. Petersburg "Cosmonaut" there will be a concert called "Landmark".

This time the concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg will have a different orientation: in Moscow the group will play a concert in a romantic-spring vein, where they will try to focus on melodic, lyrical and beautiful compositions, from different albums and periods, not forgetting the more experimental and Heavy songs, and in St. Petersburg the accent will shift to more brutal, dancing, powerful things, but the spring lyrics will also be present, although a little less. Thus, Psyche will show different aspects of his creativity. Residents of capitals can observe Psyche in several different contexts, but with the same originality, sophistication and energy. Undoubtedly will be performed and all the famous songs from different albums, already loved by the public, perhaps in slightly new interpretations and perusal.

"The participation of super-friends, guest musicians who will sing, play and dance together with the band is also planned" - that's what the frontman of Psyche Dmitry "Feo" Porubov told about the forthcoming concerts. Also on both gigs musicians will present their author's, original light and video shows, as well as a new collection of merchandising. Psyche has more than 20 years of unifying in its music a variety of styles and directions, such as industrial, alternative metal, grunge, hip-hop, techno, noise, psychedelic, experimental rock. The Psyche group appeared on the same stage with Rammstein, Korn, Soulfly, toured the UK and Europe, released dozens of releases and gained a bunch of musical projects and legends in a truly rock-and-roll spirit.

Do not miss, let Psyche come with you forever!


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