Group PlanetaVE

Group PlanetaVE

Textured compositions from ambient to art-rock. An unearthly voice and a violin, the power of electric guitars and rhythm sections. Group PlanetaVE presents the program "Music Spheres" - a musical comparison of the scale of the universe and a grain of human life, the desire to show their relationship and equivalence.

Musicians from such bands as "Surganova and Orchestra", "Total", "7B", "Theodor Bastard", "Roman Rain" and many others collaborated with PlanetaVE.

The leader of the group Maria Savkina is a singer, composer and violinist performing at the largest venues of the country.

The Union of Svetlana Surganova and Maria Savkina gave the world the album "The Game of Classics", which became the "Golden Album" and the "Best Rock Album of 2014", and the tour in support swept the whole country. Maria also participated in the records of the albums "Beloved Chopin", "MiruMir" and "Songs of the War Years".


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