Tigran Hamasyan «An Ancient Observer»

Tigran Hamasyan «An Ancient Observer»

Tigran is one of the few young jazz musicians from the countries of the former USSR who achieved success on the international stage. At the age of 29, Tigran Amasyan, a Frenchman of Armenian descent, achieved significant heights in his musical career: a talented pianist was accompanied by a victory over the victory: a pianist competition named after Telonius Monk (USA), a jazz pianist competition in Montreux (Switzerland), the first prize at the Jazz a Juan Revelations France), the first prize at the competition of jazz pianists in Monaco. In 2016 he was recognized as the best arranger of the year by the version of the Echo Jazz Awards, one of the most prestigious European jazz awards.

Amasyan has already 5 solo albums, the first of which was recorded in 2011 at the studio "Universal" and was sold a record for a jazz album with a circulation of 30,000 copies. The record was widely acclaimed in France and won the French version of the Grammys - the "Victoires de la musique" award.

Tigranes features a unique dexterity of playing the piano and an unquestionably deep sense of melody. He equally professionally plays both jazz, and classical music, popular Armenian and modern melodies. Armenian traditions are felt in his music till now, whatever he played - world music, jazz or progressive rock.


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