The play «Pound of Flesh»

The play «Pound of Flesh»

The play "Pound of meat" is a series of verbal fights, text "battles", painful clashes, in which the conditional heroes of William Shakespeare's play "The Venetian Merchant" enter.

The play "Pound of meat" is an act that exists according to the rules of the fair, square, carnival. As the philosopher and culturologist Mikhail Bakhtin wrote, "Carnival is the laughter life of the people, this is his festive life." In the carnival action there are no right and guilty, every serious problem, pain or position is subjected to repeated mockery, overturning, nullification. The word "carnival" comes from the Italian carnival: vale - "farewell" and sane - "meat" (carnival celebrations usually took place before the Great Lent). As you know, in the play "The Merchant of Venice", the events of which unfold on the background of the carnival, the merchant Antonio borrowed from the old usurer Shylock a large sum of money with the condition: if the merchant does not return the money on time - the moneylender will cut out of his body a pound of meat. In Nastasya Khrushchev's play The Pound of Meat, the ability to cut a piece of flesh from the body of the enemy will appear in all the characters.

"Pound of meat" is a festive action in which the current problems of modern society - feminism, tolerance to sexual, national and other minorities, the problem of patriotism and statehood, the inviolability of classical texts - also become masks, become bones that play a more serious game. The fight between the masks and the trial of them is arranged by Balthasar - an episodic character in the play of Shakespeare. In the role of Baltazar, the well-known St. Petersburg clown, the actor of the theater "Litsedei" Anvar Libabov. "Pound of meat" is a game that everyone can participate in, because the number of participants in the carnival is not limited.


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