The play «Storm»

The play «Storm»

For the first time in a century of history in the BDT them. G.A. Tovstonogov was given the "Storm" on the play of the same name by the creator of the Russian theater and national dramaturgy A.N. Ostrovsky. The co-authors of the play - the director Andrei Moguchy, the composer Alexander Manotskov and the artist Vera Martynov - from modern positions turn to the origins of the domestic theater - the theater of the executive, which existed before the Stanislavsky era and the traditions of psychological theater, opening up new facets of Ostrovsky's musical-poetic text.

The "Thunderstorm" of Andrei the Mighty is a delicate play of the actors of the BDT in the authentic, archaic Russian theater of Ostrovsky's times, the theater of direct utterance, appeals to the viewer, the theater of the square and the farce, of open feelings and emotions. People's Artist of Russia Marina Ignatova (Kabanikha), Victoria Artyukhova (Katerina), Alexey Vinnikov (Tikhon), Dmitry Vorobyev (Dikoy), Honored Artist of Russia Maria Lavrova (Feklusha), Honored Artist of Russia Anatoly Petrov (Kuligin), People's Artiste Russia Irute Vengalite (Barynya) and other artists of the BDT troupe. G.A. Tovstonogov. The role of Boris Grigorievich is performed by the leading soloist of the opera company of the Mikhailovsky Theater Alexander Kuznetsov.

The "Thunderstorm" of Andrei the Mighty is the sound of a genuine, very melodic text by Ostrovsky, reinforced with music, a special dialect and the rhythmic grid of the Russian recitative. Even Meyerhold and Tairov drew attention to the musicality of Ostrovsky, the folklore rhythm of "Thunderstorms", and now thanks to the composer Alexander Manotskov managed to write the play's prose into notes.

The "Thunderstorm" of Andrei Moguchy opens the non-theatrical theatricality of Ostrovsky's play. This is the casket mystery, the life of Katerina and other inhabitants of the Volga Kalinova between hell and paradise in the stylized lacquer space of the stage. This is the metaphysics of the dark Russian kingdom, a terrible fairy tale, reviving in the darkness and the blatant blackness of the scenography of Vera Martynov.

The "Thunderstorm" of Andrei the Mighty is the multilayered strata of the Russian myth, the traditions of the great and vicious, revealed by Ostrovsky and still relevant; This is the Russian interpretation of the classic tragedy as a conflict between duty and feeling, unrestrained passion and violent faith.


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