Svetlana Bezrodnaya and «Vivaldi-orchestra»

Svetlana Bezrodnaya and «Vivaldi-orchestra»

Shlyagery famous dance and jazz orchestras of the world 20's - 50's of the XX century - one of the most interesting trends in the work of Svetlana Bezrodnaya and her "Vivaldi Orchestra." Once glittering on the musical horizon, but now, alas, half-forgotten names of great jazzmen, domestic and foreign, such as Jack Hilton and Henry Hall, Marek Weber and Paul Whiteman, Viktor Selvestr and Georges Boulanger, Arthur Polonsky and Yakov Skomorovsky, Eddie Rosner and Alexander Tsfasman in the programs of Svetlana Bezrodnaya and her orchestra again appear before the public in all their greatness and splendor.


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