The play «Guardians of Love»

The play «Guardians of Love»

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"Time of love" - a performance of Bulat Shalvovich Okudzhava. It would be possible to give the subtitle - "first person", I try to convey the speech of the poet, his unique tone. 
About yourself Okudzhava did not like to talk. Remember his poem - "I invented the Muse of irony", for it is always a very important irony, especially irony. He was a man of truly modest, despite the incredible talent.

Maybe this talent just drew strength from humility and consisted in the absence of any posture in life and in art. No deprivation, no tragedy, success and fame did not affect his personality, he remained the same as it was. His main objective was the multiplication of love on earth, "All the tricks and all the tricks are not given anything in return of love, a hundred times I pulled the trigger of the rifle, and flew only the nightingales". 

For me, it is because the values of it were quite different, and the point of the report is different. As a boy he lost his parents - his father was shot in the 37th, mother spent almost 20 years in the camps, he Okudzhava volunteered for the war while still a schoolboy, it was necessary to defend the homeland, as he himself said. And to prove that parents are not enemies of the people, it was a mistake. He survived and really knew how to appreciate life. 

He did not write his autobiography. I tried to talk about his amazing life, precisely as he would have done it myself. After listening to a great number of concerts, after reading various interviews, I created a setting in which you as if the poet is on stage here and now and tells a story accompanied by songs. It was a performance not only about the biography of the poet, but about the whole layer of the history of our country.

The program participates Alexander Vella guitar.

The performance runs with one interval.


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