IP Orchestra

IP Orchestra

Following the "Symphonic rock hits" sensational program that has been shown in more than 150 cities in Russia and neighboring countries, the final chord of which were sold-out performances at iconic venues in Russia - Kremlin Palace (Moscow) and the Concert Hall "October", St. Petersburg Symphony orchestra under the baton of Igor Ponomarenko has prepared another surprise - the program "Our rock Hits", which promises to be the best symphonic rock show!

At one time, being the lead singer and the author of most of the arrangements of the world famous "Terem-Quartet", Igor Ponomarenko made the original classics - Tchaikovsky, Glinka, Prokofiev and others. Now, the maestro took up another classic - rock classics! It is no secret that fans of our millions of rock bands from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka. Kinchev, Tsoi Butusov, Shevchuk, Grebenshchikov and others that have become classics during his lifetime and incorruptible rock hits will open in a new light and shine with new colors in a bright performance IP Orchestra.

"Differences from the program" Symphonic Rock Hits "number, - says Igor Ponomarenko, first - is that we have expanded the composition due to some of the tools we they really lacked at times, the second - we decided to make a powerful svetoinstallyatsiyu, which, together with the screen and further promote the video show, well and thirdly, we hope and believe that this time the audience at concerts turn into one powerful choir! Fortunately, all the prerequisites for this is. All the songs we play are known and memorized for a long time. "


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