Kate Rostovtseva and Igor Latushko

Kate Rostovtseva and Igor Latushko

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Two incredible artists: Katya Rostovtseva and Igor Latyshko present the concert program "Spring festive concert by March 8". For pleasure spectators will be filled with favorite hits and new songs. Katya Rostovtseva - a new name on the Russian stage! In just two years of fruitful work in creative tandem with Olga Morozova, author of music and poems, more than 50 songs were created, and a solo album "life continues". Katya Rostovtseva - participant of "Eh, roam" in 2017, her songs already sounded on the radio and television. Katya is very beloved by her audience for her unique timbre of voice and ability to live every song on stage!

Igor Latyshko is a unique singer with powerful energy, unforgettable voice and vocals, author and composer, his own songs (from pop to chanson). A devoted St. Petersburg music guru. laureate "song of the year", premium "golden gramophone" of Russian radio. Igor has written more than 360 songs that sound on all radio stations of the country and abroad. Songs of Igor sing: Tatiana Bulanova, Dmitry Koldun, gr. chelsea, athena and many other performers.


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