Rap festival Foucault Pendulum (Large summer)

Rap festival Foucault Pendulum (Large summer)

2 days, 3 scenes, 11 hectares and 30 artists. They came to change people's ideas about contemporary music and culture. No authorities and compromises. Whether they like you or not, they will not adjust to someone's tastes. These are the philosophers of modern times. This is a new school.

The first festival of the new rap "Pendulum Foucault" by Radio Record was just a rehearsal for the second, truly large-scale event, which will "swing" the city on the Neva for two days, on August 25 and 26. Powerful line-up name after name is already revealed in the official group of Foucault Pendulum VKontakte. Keep an eye on us so you do not miss anything.


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