The play «Lines and Corners»

The play «Lines and Corners»

In the world live all kinds of people, good and bad, the strange and the ordinary - and still live near them Angel, Devil and Death. Search Paths, Good and Evil, Birth and Death, Loneliness, Freedom and Bondage, Tolerance and Intolerance, personified in human form, wander among the people, play with them, share them with each other, argue, compete, win and lose. And people do not realize why their lives are formed this way and not otherwise ...

The play is built on a very simple plot stories, traditional fairy-tale paradigm of any culture. Short vivid scenes are strung on a common thread, combined into a single picture - a parable about the essence of being, the eternity of certain values ​​and the impossibility of definitive answers to the many questions that are constantly asking us life.

"Lines and turns" - a play-essays, a play-collage, a play-fantasy play-sleep. Sleep as a condition of the game, which goes back to the works of Lewis Carroll, Nikolai Gogol, Hieronymus Bosch and Salvador Dali. The viewer can safely assume himself the dreamer - and consider the reality under unexpected angle, abstracting from it, rather than looking for the usual consumer logic. The authors of the play only raise questions, the answers to which the viewer - if desired - can find itself.

Topics fusion of dream and reality, and the influence of one on the other in the domestic and European culture of the last two decades, variously discussed in literature, painting, sculpture, book illustrations, photos and dance. However, theater addresses these topics is extremely rare. "Lines and turns" - a unique experiment for the St. Petersburg scene.

Production of "Lines and turns" Theatre "Workshop" opens a new for themselves the aesthetics of plastic theater. With a minimum of text in the play uses the maximum resources of theatrical expression - puppets, tantamareski, cane puppets, portraits and grotesque masks, the human body, plastic, play with the revival of household items.

Director: Yevgeny Ibragimov
Premiere: March 9, 2017
Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes


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