La Boca Tango Show

La Boca Tango Show

LA BOCA TANGO SHOW dance performance, combining a thrilling dramatic story with amazing choreography, tango, staged and with participation of stars of the Argentine tango world. Vanesa Villalba & Facundo Piñero (Argentina).

In the heart of the play — the story of human destiny narrated in the language of Argentine tango. Buenos Aires at the dawn of the 20th century — the "Golden Mecca" of the New Earth, here seeking the seekers of good luck from around the world. La Boca is the old port district, the birthplace of the famous dance of passion. A young immigrant arrives in a foreign land in pursuit of dreams and remains one on one with the city, which turned a lot of lives. Here the heroine posnet the sweetness of first love, there she knows the bitterness of loss. Here she discovers tango, which the keynote will go through her entire life. The changeable and the eternal, unpredictable and multi-faceted tango... It can change everything.

Choreographers Directors and performers: Facundo Piñero and Vanessa Villalba, a world-renowned choreographers and tango dancers; the leading soloists and choreographers legendary show "Forever Tango", the pearl of the Broadway stage.

Involved in the production of the leading tango dancers in Russia. With the participation of honored artist of Russia Larisa Leonova.

Artistic Director — Andrey Panferov, winner and five-time finalist of the official World Championship of Argentine tango in Buenos Aires. The music of tango, from classical tango of the "Golden" century (20-th years of the twentieth century), to the tango Nuevo and Astor Piazzolla.

Duration: 2 hours with intermission At the theater "BUFF".


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