The play «Boeing-Boeing»

The play «Boeing-Boeing»

"Boeing-Boeing" - a legend of French theater of the last century. Sample sitcom. The play entered the Guinness Book of Records, staged in 60 countries around the world.

"Boeing-Boeing" - a comedy about the romance of a young Parisian womanizer with three charming stewardesses. Chosen flying on different airlines, and it forces the inventive groom to adjust their lives to the schedule "arrival-departure" of all the "brides". Misunderstandings lead to an infinitely ridiculous situations ...

On the stage, completely recreated bright style 60s. Almost all the costumes devised on the basis of color and design developments of those times. Even the fabric, which is lined with scenic sofa, printed specially for layouts Finnish designers' 60s. Particular attention in the formulation given to musical culture, the plastic image of the time. All the viewer sees and hears on the stage - the flesh of the 60s - a twist, boogie-woogie, rock-and-roll, etc. This colorful past masterfully woven with today's rhythms communication, modern style of acting stellar composition!

Genre: Comedy-bouffe
Directed by: Sergei Aldonin
Author: Mark Kamoletti
Starring: Peter Krasilov, Marina Dyuzheva Georgy Dronov, Ekaterina Klimova, Elena Morozova, Elena Biryukova
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes with one intermission


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