The play «Reluctant Adventurer»

The play «Reluctant Adventurer»

Comedy based on the play by Alexander Korovkina "aunt."

A quiet and measured life of two elderly aunts violates a series of amazing comic and dramatic events: poisoning, car chases, revelations, reincarnation and unpredictable plot twists. And aunt and their "expensive" nephews become real adventurers. Bright game masters of the stage is connected to different generations in a single ensemble.

This play has everything that makes the audience laugh throughout the action-intrigue, humor, misunderstanding and totally unexpected outcome. You will be a wonderful meeting with the main "C" Russia - Paul Priluchny, as well as other wonderful actors, well known to our viewers.

Genre: Comedy
Performance Director: Honored Artist of Russia Alexander Mokhov
Starring: Paul Priluchny, Agata Mutsenietse Sergey Gromov, Hope Podyapolskaya Alexei Yakubov, Honored Artist of Russia Alexander Mokhov.
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes with 1 intermission


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