The play «My Wife's Lover is My Best Friend»

The play «My Wife's Lover is My Best Friend»

In a nightmare not dream, when the Lover comes to her Husband, and reveals the secret of his affair with his Wife. The situation is quite ambiguous. And is there a way out of it? The nature of love. Doubt. Treason. The necessity of choice. A lack of understanding. Loneliness. Death. Insight.There's laughter and bitter tears. The drama of the human situation. In the end, this is an explosive mix of passion and hatred to each other and creates a "theatre of the absurd", which is a reflection of our lives.

Life can be lived anew, if you are someone who likes. Passion makes us alive. Therefore, this story and drama and Comedy. A serious Comedy. This performance with beautiful music, talented artists, fights and dances, reprises and romances. But not all so simple... In that moment, when the husband and the Lover are ready to destroy each other - on stage, He appears. Third...

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes


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