Alexander Pushnoy

Alexander Pushnoy

Alexander Pushnoy is one of the few people who treat his work with humor and does not pretend to be the "king of rock'n'roll." His style is difficult to define with traditional genre frames. Many of his songs are covers of famous hits or a combination of several tracks in one. This is one of the reasons why his audience is very different not only in terms of age, but also in social aspects. All that makes Alexander Pushnoy - whether it's the re-castings of the group "Brilliant" to the music of Rammstein or their own compositions - carries a stamp of satire and humor. Those who climbed on his YouTube channel and, in addition to reviewing audio equipment, saw his couple of performances, and heard his songs, they know that such concerts can not be missed.

For some, Pushkin is a merry fellow from the times of KVN, for others the person of the Galileo program. But those who know it from the musical side, find answers to a bunch of questions that arise after listening to a particular song at a concert. Firstly, Fur guitarist-virtuoso, secondly, is open to his audience, thirdly, he knows how to tell about everything interesting, in the fourth, the most, perhaps, the main thing: the only place where you can hear a live sound is the same analog, o which are raving people on YouTube, you can hear only on his speech.

Alexander Pushnoy is not afraid of experiments, and on May 24, the dream of many fans of guitar sound will come true in the Cosmonaut: Alexander Pushno & The Band will present a new musical program where the eight-string guitar will be the most important instrument in the band. This will significantly affect the arrangements of the compositions familiar to us, since such guitars have a truly powerful sound. Fur on his channel in YouTube has already laid out a few songs, using one of the popular techniques for playing this guitar - a gentleman and collected millions of views. Now there is a chance to see and smile this live, and even with the band. Premiers of new songs are also expected at the concert. Let's be loud ... Very loud!


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