The Bass Line Project

The Bass Line Project

For the first time in Russia (All the way from Brazil) and directly in the club of the capital - St. Petersburg!

On this night, the hot air of Brazil, Northern Norwegian winter cold wind and Russia will merge together in one place and create an unforgettable atmosphere, penetrating the very soul!

For all fans and lovers of music makes you move every cell in the body! The party will be held for the first time in Russia. And Peter - this is not a random choice. After all, the Northern Capital of our country is rightly considered the capital of the Russian Club!

The main guests and participants:

  • Fractall [Brazil] - a project of the talented Brazilian producer and DJ Lucian de Castro, who is the creator and mastermind behind a series of parties The Bass Line Project, taking place in the best clubs in Brazil and Europe, a permanent headliner TomorrowLand Brazil, acting in the best venues around the world !
  • Dj ArchiOn [Norway] - Dj and musician from Oslo (Norway), who is the project manager and project participant Fractall, whose work won various clubs, not only in Norway but also in other European countries.
  • Dj Igor`SKY [St. Petersburg] - Dj, not having big rewards and big names, but who knows how to bring the audience to a musical ecstasy, constant participant of many parties, not only Peter, but also clubs in many cities of Russia from the North to the South of our country.
  • IVA [St. Petersburg] - one of the most talented and promising DJ and sound producers of St. Petersburg, a permanent resident of the project GLIntPro, acting in many cities in Russia and the CIS.. The actor, able to have any dance floor.

Each performance is due to a creative approach to compile and work with the audience.


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