Bus Tour «Mysteries of Petersburg»

Bus Tour «Mysteries of Petersburg»

Many parents with children walk through the streets of the town, probably more than once encountered difficulties: how to tell them about the past and present of the great city? How to find answers to the eternal "why"? It will own knowledge, in order to avoid confusion in the facts and not to distort history?

For those who have asked these questions, and wants to expand the horizons of children and their own, who are ready to plunge into the atmosphere of the majestic city, established bus tour, walk for families with children. A fascinating guide dialogue with young researchers to help them find the answers to all the questions that could not always find their parents. During the two-hour tour, the history of the city, its past and present, unfolds in front of children as if a huge, but a close and clear book.

During the tour, the children will learn and see on their eyes, many secrets of the city:
• under some real treasures are stored monument to this day?
• on-site who is famous Bronze Horseman?
• mystery of Peter I palace;
• where and how to see the lion in the clouds;
• where there are 33 horses;
• what happened to the horse's tail.
And, of course, much more. Light and pleasant bus trip through the city for children and adults, covering all the major sights of St. Petersburg, and enjoy the city residents and visitors.

Duration: 2:00
Gathering the group and departure: pl. Arts 3
Tour ends: from the nearest metro station
Discount tickets: schoolchildren, students, pensioners, disabled persons of all categories, veterans (with a must-have license)


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