Sasha Almazova & Non Cadenza

Sasha Almazova & Non Cadenza

Sasha Almazova and Non Cadenza have been performing soul and funk music for more than 10 years and have become real pioneers of these genres in our country. The Union of Sasha Almazova with the best jazz musicians of St. Petersburg is becoming more popular every year.

On the account of Non Cadenza - performances at the largest music festivals ("Jazz Manor", Koktebel Jazz festival, Zavtra, "Invasion", "Wild Mint", etc.), tours across Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and, of course, original repertoire.

In two studio albums ("Infinity", 2011 and "Indecently", 2013), the musicians managed to make the sound, the syllable and the poetry of the Russian language with the languorous melodism of soul.


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