Time and Glass

Time and Glass

on March 5 at the stage of the club "Cosmonaut" group "Time and Glass" made his first appearance with his big solo show in St. Petersburg!

"The name of my favorite" - these simple lines firmly entrenched in the minds of the audience, on the radio and on the first lines of the charts!

Artists hundred percent hit, which can not stop humming, carrying on its way any musical taste and conquered his motive everyone - from fans of pop to adherents heavier genres, will perform for the first time in St. Petersburg with a large solo show!

"NAME 505", which is how the original is called the above-mentioned composition, marked the beginning of a new round in the career of the duet "Time and Glass" - incendiary, stylish, young and super-winding Nadia Dorofeev and Aleksei Zavgorodny, it - the musician nicknamed Positive, that is absolutely true.

"Keep in mind, this song is about you" - it seems that you already sing the continuation of this article! "Navernopotomuchto" - impossible to resist and start dancing to the hit of last summer, which is exactly coming from each iron.

"Time and Glass," as musicians producing center MOZGI Entertainmnet, whose head is not in need of representation Potap, clearly know all the recipes of writing a hit!

Meanwhile, the team already has its own history - Positive Potap working in a team with 11 years and all the time he was able to co-operation to take part in more than 1500 concerts of his mentor in different countries. Nadia became a soloist of the band due to casting, hitting producers Irina Gorovaya of Potap and his charisma and vocal. Also, Nadia is a laureate of international vocal competitions, was a finalist of the TV project "Chance" and the winner of the Ukrainian-Hollywood reality show "American Chance".

The hard work, dance music, stylish and high-quality clips, collecting millions of views on YouTube, numerous appearances at various ceremonies and shows (three times - in the "Evening Urgant") have launched a large touring show with beautiful and colorful show.

Are you ready for slaughter portions of hits? Then meet the long-awaited solo concert in "Cosmonaut" club "Time and Glass" on March 5!


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