The play «Boulevard or Everybody's Got Something»

The play «Boulevard or Everybody's Got Something»

Agree, each fighting for their happiness in the world today, everyone lives as he can. Relatively easier to have a loner. At first glance ... And if you - a single mother? NO! If you are a single father who has at the hands of willful teenage daughter, and, in the bargain - Dad retired, which under any sauce does not want to see even in a boarding house for the elderly?If you have talent, and you've written a grand affair that are willing to print just the name of the author of Women? "Everyone has their own shortcomings" - you might say.

The same phrase ends with the famous movie Billy Wydler "Some Like It Hot."The play "BOULEVARD", or "Everyone has their own shortcomings" - a romantic comedy about the amazing relationship Edouard, Lily, George and Florence. Their love just like family members. Comedy is full of lightness, fantasy and charm ...! It makes us melt with tenderness to her four characters, so simple and humane, that pleases and encouraging.

Genre: Comedy
Author: Aleks Constant
Director: Honored Artist of Russia Vadim Romanov
Costume Designer: Ivan Koklyushkin
The cast: People's Artist of Russia Valentin Smirnitskiy, Honoured Artist of Russia Vadim Romanov, Ilya Sokolovsky, Konstantin Krymov, Julia Rudin, Tatiana Abramova Olga Pavlyukova, Evdokia Malewska
Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes


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