Opera «Oedipus The King»

Opera «Oedipus The King»

"Islands" Charitable Foundation presents:

The opera-oratorio of Igor Stravinsky's "Oedipus Rex" is one of the most magnificent musical-theatrical works of XX-th century. In the famous story of Oedipus reveals one of the main ideas of ancient drama - the idea of ​​the inevitability of Fate. Drama, for which the main character learns that his father is a murderer and an unwitting husband of his mother, belongs to the most powerful phenomena of world theater.

The writing of the outstanding masters of the twentieth century, Igor Stravinsky based on the tragedy of ancient Greek playwright Sophocles, is designated opera - oratorio for narrator, voices, male choir and orchestra.

The new stage version of the famous works like a puppet mystery solved - action involving puppets and ballet. The ancient art of puppetry allows us to speak clearly about the difficult and fascinating philosophical, sometimes mystical matters.

The authors hope that the collective skill of the creators of many different kinds of arts will create a truly new and exciting spectacle. Opera dolls, long known in Western Europe, in Russia, will be presented for the first time.

The creators of the performance:

Conductor - Marius Stravinsky (UK). Well-known musician, performing with top orchestras worldwide. At the moment a guest conductor in the "Deutsche Oper» (Deutsche Oper) and at the State Orchestra (Staataskapelle) in Berlin.

Director - Viktor Vysotsky. Art director and author of the performances at the international festival "Opera all," the director of performances at the Hermitage Theater. Theatre Music Hall, at the Mariinsky Theatre. The last work - the opera Tchaikovsky "Oprichnik" at the Mariinsky Theatre was nominated for theater award "Spotlights" in three categories.

Designer - Julia Goltsova. She worked in various genres of entertainment activities: television performances, puppet theater, the festival "Opera all" in the Music Hall theater, the Mariinsky Theatre.

Choreographer - Kirill Radev. Winner of numerous international competitions, including - the owner of the Grand Prix of the VII International Ballet Competition in Luxembourg, choreographers contest them. Serge Lifar and others. For the ballet "Sinfonietta" was awarded the International Prize. BA Tchaikovsky, established by the major representatives of the world music culture. From 2010 to 2012 - full-time choreographer «Barcelona Ballet». The project "Faces" Member, Bolshoi Theatre of Russia in 2016; «DANCE - PLATFORM" Ekaterinburg 2016.

The director of the puppet action - the honored artist of Russia Andrey Knyazkov. Artistic director and «Hand made» creator of the theater director, a member of numerous Russian and international festivals.

Choirmaster - Vladimir Runaways, honored artist of Russia, art director of the Concert Choir of St. Petersburg


Oedipus - Andrew Staples (United Kingdom), tenor, Fellow of King's College, Cambridge, a graduate of the International School of Benjamin Britten's opera, working with various philharmonic orchestras, including the Berlin and Vienna;

Jocasta - Olesya Petrova (St. Petersburg), mezzo-soprano, winner and winner of international competitions, including the International Competition. Tchaikovsky (Moscow), BBC «Voice of Peace" and "Radio France"

Tiresias - Denis Sedov, bass, laureate of international contests, guest soloist opera houses in Israel, Europe and America.

Creon and Messenger - Evert Sooster (Austria), bass, laureate of international competitions, opera and chamber singer, a visiting opera houses and opera projects in Austria, Germany, Portugal, Italy, etc.

Shepherd - Artem Melikhov, tenor, laureate of international competitions, soloist of the Academy of Young Singers of the Mariinsky Theatre

Chorus - Concert Choir of St. Petersburg by the honored artist of Russia Vladimir Begletsov.

Production will take place thanks to the initiative of the "Islands" Charitable Foundation (www.ostrovaru.com), which since 2010 and has a systemic care to patients with cystic fibrosis and their families across the country. Cystic fibrosis - a rare genetic disease that affects the lungs and digestive system and lead to shortened life.

All donations and proceeds from ticket sales will be used to fund the implementation of programs "Islands".


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