The play «Tartuffe»

The play «Tartuffe»

Moliere banned contemporaries. For insulting religion and clergymen. Only five years later the play returned to the stage, and with the "Tartuffe" pores pose around the world.
"Tartuffe" in the "Workshop", by itself, did not play about clericalism. Tartuffe esthete, a poet, a musician, a sybarite. Tartuffe in general, and not to blame for that enchanted the rich bourgeoisie imposed on him the contents. Tartuffe so charming that you do not want to suspect him of lying, and even more so in infamy. Refined sophisticated incarnation of evil, Tartuffe fascinates, dominates and wins, carelessly sweeping the obstacles on the way.
Moliere "Tartuffe" - a comedy. And performance "Workshop" - a comedy. First, it's very funny. And then - very funny. And then suddenly and immediately - very scary. Scared of awareness of human helplessness in the surging force. From the infinity of evil features. From that it turns the circle of life, and Tartuffe returns. He is eternal and inevitable.

Genre: Comedy
Director: Gregory Kozlov
Actors: Sergei Bizgu Galina Bizgu, Ksenia Morozova, Pauline Vorobiev Nikolai Kuglyant Marina Damineva Ivan Grigoriev, Gabriel Fedotov, Alexey Vedernikov, Vladimir Karpov, Maxim Studenovskaya
Premiere: December 24, 2016
Duration: 3 hours with intermission


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