The play «Cinderella»

The play «Cinderella»

His version of the "old, old fairy tale" will tell this fall the State Academic Theater of the Comedy them. Akimova. In October, on the famous stage, the premiere of the play "Cinderella" will take place. The actors of the theater led by the director will present their view of the well-known story about the girl with "a small leg, a great soul and a just heart".

Exactly 70 years ago, playwright Eugene Schwartz composed a script based on the fairy tale by Charles Perrault, which became the basis of the legendary film filmed in 1947 by director Nadezhda Kosheverova. Costumes and scenery for the painting, which became a classic of the national cinema, was created by Nikolai Akimov - at that time he headed the Leningrad Comedy Theater.

His new musical and dramatic performance, which will sound the main artistic and musical motifs of the most naive and touching "Cinderella", the present Comedy Theater named after. Akimova pays tribute to the great artists and, at the same time, using the latest theatrical technologies, re-opens the old story for modern sophisticated spectators.

Antonio Spadavekkia, Evgenia Nemtseva and Nikolay Pogorelov are playing in the performance.

Genre: children's play
Author: Evgeny Shvarts
Directed by: Vasily Zarzhetsky
In the play are busy:

  • Cinderella - Eugenia Svetlaya;
  • Prince - Boris Chistyakov / Artem Osadchiy;
  • The King - Vitaly Kuklin / Alexander Korneyev;
  • Stepmother - Elizaveta Aleksandrova / Irina Sotikova;
  • Anna - Olesya Berezhnaya / Arseniy Bychkova;
  • Marianna - Mary Waha / Love Virolainen;
  • Cinderella's father - Alexei Makretsky / Anatoly Khropov;
  • The fairy - Alisa Kondratieva;
  • Marquis de Troyes - Arseny Borodin / Evgeny Taks;
  • The first clown is Stas Kablukov;
  • The second clown is Igor Yudin;

Musicians: MusicManClub Orchestra
King's suite, courtiers: "Sun of Petersburg" dance group
Running time: 2 hours


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