The play «Banya»

The play «Banya»

For Nikolai Roshchin is his second performance on the New stage and not the first visit to the Mayakovsky – previously the Director staged "Mystery-bouffe" in the Center of the Sun. Meyerhold in Moscow (a joint production between the Meyerhold centre and the international festival "PASSAGE", France). The repertoire of the Alexandrinsky theatre "Bath" appears for the first time. 

As you know, the "Bath" was written by Vladimir Mayakovsky for Gostima and commissioned by Meyerhold. Speaking in 1929 at the discussion of "Baths" of the audience gave the play a very high score, comparing it with the works of Moliere, Pushkin, Gogol: "it is the biggest event in the history of Russian theater, this great event, and we need first of all to greet the poet Mayakovsky, who managed to give us a sample of prose, made with the same skill as poetry... of Course, Mayakovsky is beginning a new era". On the question of why the play is called "Bath", Mayakovsky himself answered in two ways. The first option: "Bath wash (just clears) the bureaucrats" – has remained a simple and straightforward definition of "incriminating" perception of the play. Second - "Because it's the only thing there are not catches." 

Mayakovsky defined the genre of "Bath" as a "satirical piece with a circus and fireworks." The satirical message of the play Roshchina devoid of specifics, specific and easy-to-read social or household items. He's hardly tied to any time and has the obvious macabre hue. However, it is no coincidence the Director starts the play of a stroke, which approximates the play, written in the late 20's to our time – with the artistic acceptance of the play, the interlude with the arts Council, and the obscure and unsuccessful artist. 

The creative team of the play composer – Ivan Volkov and choreographer Vladimir Varnava. 

In performance are occupied: honoured artist of Russia Victor SMIRNOV, the honoured artist of Russia Vitaly KOVALENKO, Stepan BALAKSHIN, Dmitry BELOV, Elena VARAKINA, Vitoria VOROBYOV, Vasilisa DENISOVA, Ivan EFREMOV, Tikhon ZHIZNEVSKY, Alexander LUSHIN, Dmitry LYSENKOV, Andrey MATYUKOV Igor, MASUK, Victor SURAEV, Alexander POLAMISHEV, Yefim RODNEW, Anna SELEDETS, Polina TEPLYAKOVA, Alice SHYDLOUSKAYA, as well as musicians and actors Dmitry ZOTIN, Daria MALASHENKOVA, Igor USHAKOV.


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