Concert of «Gregorian»

Concert of «Gregorian»

As part of the farewell world tour of "Masters of Chant - Final Chapter" German band Gregorian will perform in St. Petersburg. The famous team prepares for its Russian audience is incredibly large-scale show. In 1999, with the album «Masters of Chant», began the story of the triumphant success of the brilliant ideas of producer Frank Peterson, so that to this day, they remain a worldwide sensation.

With its unique unique sound, combining the sounds of medieval Gregorian chant and contemporary pop-rock music, Gregorian achieved incredible success and gained an army of fans around the world. Concerts Gregorian - it is always a powerful instrumental accompaniment, full of light, laser and pyrotechnic special effects and on the stage reigns an incredible atmosphere of medieval mysticism.

Over the years the team, throughout the world, has sold more than seven million albums, and their show was visited by over two million people. This fall saw the light of tenth anniversary album «Masters of Chant» called «Final Chapter». Thus, Gregorian will open the last chapter of its history, and went to the big world tour, said goodbye to his fans. In his farewell tour group carries fifteen tons of sets, costumes, sound, light and pyrotechnic equipment.

Genre: Concert
Running time: 2 hours


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