The play ┬źKysya┬╗

The play ┬źKysya┬╗

Star duo Dmitry Nagiyev and Igor Lifanova plus an outstanding success story brought a theatrical production with a funny name "Kysya." The basis of the story was shocking put in a certain period of readers the story of a homeless Petersburg cat - cat lover ladies' hearts with his adventurous adventures in the difficult period of perestroika changes in the country.

In the role of Cat Martin - Dmitry Nagiyev. The actor is not just perfectly accustomed to the role, he learned the philosophy of challenging pomoechnye cat and showed tremendous inherent animal plastic. In addition to Martin in the play we are talking about Petersburg, about the feelings and emotions of the people living in it, about love and betrayal - in short, the life of a big city, such as it is.

Directed by: Leo Rachlin
Cast: Natalia Parashkina Igor Lifanov Dmitry Nagiyev Dmitry Bystrevsky Roman Ryazantsev, Leonid Mikhailovsky, Alex Klimushkin
Running time: 3 hours with one intermission


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