Solo performance of «Persons and roles»

Solo performance of «Persons and roles»

A solid date, 50 years of creative activity, actor Nicholas Marton vstretit special. Specifically for it was coined by the show "Persons and roles", which included even not lived on the stage role. Among them — Boris Godunov, Fyodor Karamazov, Khlestakov and even Agafya from "Marriage" by Gogol! Today, people's artist of Russia played in the Alexandrinsky about a hundred roles, but he remains an irresistible desire to return to exhilarating soul. The works of Nikolai Sergeevich familiar and genre experiments in the St. Petersburg Academic Kapelle. Here and in the "Monologues" boldly joined legendary characters, about each of which it would be possible to play the individual play. The mood setting is slightly ironic: before you can play another role the actor takes the chair in the ticket as the exam. But this is the truth. Each output of the actor to the spectator is a kind of exam is on professionalism, sincerity, love for people. The Director of the play — Polina Nevedomskaya.


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