The play «Intimate Life»

The play «Intimate Life»

And funny, and ridiculously recognizable. English play, which does not need a national flavor. And the time of action, perhaps, does not matter. One of the oldest stories, doomed to immortality: a man is looking for his "soul mate". And to keep happiness is even more difficult than to find it. It is not enough to love, it is very important not to confuse the main thing with the secondary one. Otherwise ... And together it is impossible, and apart is not obtained. But, as always, his Majesty interferes. Case!

A story about two couples who came to the French resort to spend their honeymoon. These couples meet by chance and it turns out that the two newlyweds were married before and divorced 5 years ago. The performance won the Grand Prix for the best ensemble cast at the third international festival "Winter Avignon". An interesting director's decision, a wonderful play of actors, bright drama. The result is 10 years of sold-out and constant success for the audience.

Genre: Lyrical comedy
Director: Honored Artist of Russia O. Levakov
Author: Noel Coward
Cast: Mikhail Boyarsky, Larisa Luppian, Sergey Migitsko, Anna Aleksakhina
Duration: 2 hours with one intermission


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