Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

Outstanding ballet by Sergei Prokofiev's "Romeo and Juliet" had a complex history of formation. Compose it was in 1935 and in the first embodiment Collaborators Prokofiev, S. Radloff A.Piotrovsky and decided to make the ending more upbeat than in Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet achieved recognition of their love, and their wedding was waiting. But in 1936, took a sharp wave of criticism of a number of artists and writers have made on their own tragic finale, as in poetic works. But even this step while not given the result - premiered in 1938 abroad - in Brno. And only in 1940, Kirov Theatre premiered in Leningrad. In 2008, was revived by the author's version of the ballet with a happy ending. Now in St. Petersburg several theaters put this great ballet, in particular, we invite you to the Mariinsky Theatre.

History of light and the tragic love between two young creatures known to all. Feuding family Montagues and Capulets strongly against their relationship. This intransigence leads to a tragic end - needless deaths of children. Authors and directors failed the language of dance and music perfectly convey all the range of feelings as young people in love and hate each other of their loved ones.


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