The opera «Rusalka»

The opera «Rusalka»

The well-known Czech composer A. Dvorak was looking for a libretto that would inspire him to write an opera. He caught my eye recently completed the libretto J. Kvapil, theatrical figure and writer. The story of the all-conquering power of love, which is higher than the suffering and death of Dvorak moved to the depths - in November 1900 he completed the writing of the opera "Rusalka". The author himself called it a lyric tale, thereby accurately defining its genre features.

The viewer comes alive poetic love story Mermaid and the Prince caught on the edge of the worlds connections - mythological and conventional terrestrial. Each of these worlds is not willing to let go of his character - and from this they acquire a sense of special urgency and wisdom born from the depths of suffering and pain. Serious test temper their souls, but time is painful choice - is inexorably approaching ...

While on stage, next to the Prince and the Mermaid has many mythological heroes - Baga-Yaga, Water, inhabitants of lakes and forests, but the story can not be called a fairy tale: the story of a real, deep love between the two of which tested betrayal and revenge. Even death is involved in the trials.

The Mikhailovsky Theatre "Rusalka" opera became successful premiere season in the opera genre.

Libretto: Jaroslav Kvapil
Directed by: Igor Konyaev
Premiere: October 30, 2009
The duration of the opera: 3 hours 10 minutes with two intermissions


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