The opera «Eugene Onegin»

The opera «Eugene Onegin»

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The play was awarded the highest national theater prize "Golden Mask" in the categories "Best Opera Production", "Work director at the Opera" (Andrew Zholdak), "The artist's work around the world in musical theater" (AJ Vayssbard).

Most fabled love story of two heroes of Pushkin - Tatiana and Onegin, continues to excite theater directors, who are looking for it its depth. Andriy Zholdak chosen penetration depth of the line in the secret life of the human soul. It invites the viewer to look and see how born acts like arguing heart and mind, as the tortured and questioned by those who have to make a choice ... The director gives each found in Pushkin's characters themselves - seekers, doubters, loving and choosing between devotion to duty and loyalty to myself…

According Zholdak, he set himself the task of sympathy and empathy, and it is entirely possible. Tired of the pace of modern life audience in the hall thawed and revived, freeze and disclosed after the heroes of the gamut of feelings and emotions ...

The core of the opera, which the director skillfully strung all the scenes are the sensuality and beauty: the director claims that can not be ignored, because they affect the lives and destinies of people. Professionals working in the major European stages, found unexpected solutions to design scenes, which helped reveal the creative idea Zholdak. None of the audience will not remain indifferent - in "Eugene Onegin" at the Mikhailovsky has its own face and charm.

Genre: Opera
Director: Andrei Zholdak
Actors: Mikhailovsky Theatre Troupe
Premiere: October 26, 2012
Running time: 3 hours 45 minutes with 2 intermissions


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