Opera «La Juive»

Opera «La Juive»

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The Mikhailovsky Theater turned to one of the most monumental works of French opera. Opera by Jacques Francois Fromanthal Halevy "Judeica" is rightly considered a masterpiece of "great style", reigned on the opera scene in the first third of the XIX century. Theatrical effects and entertainment in the staging of the "big style" prevailed over the dramatic and musical logic. Over time, this trend began to be perceived as the most powerful embodiment of the synthetic nature of musical theater.

The musical texture of the opera "Judeica" combines elements of lyricism, drama and solemnity. Brilliant vocal parts and complex ensembles are her main virtues. The production of the French director Arno Bernard in the scenography of Herbert Murauer offers a modern reading of an exciting story. The unique destiny of an individual does not mean anything for the impersonal power of a state machine - this confrontation acquires a special acuity, taking into account the experience of generations that have realized the nature of totalitarianism.

Genre: opera in three acts
Music: Jacques François Fromanthal Halevy
Production: Arno Bernard
Performance: performed in French (accompanied by credits in Russian)
Premiere of the production: February 19, 2010
Resumption of the production: May 3, 2018
Duration: 3 hours 50 minutes with two intermissions


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