The Play «Landlady»

The Play «Landlady»

Comedy based on the play by Carlo Goldoni (Small Comedy Theatre)

Italy, the middle of the XIX century. Stormy events unfold in the ordinary Florentine hotel, the owner of which - beautiful Mirandolina - battling visitors and guests with its beauty. But the trouble, none of the potential choices you can not get a girl location, even noble Earl and the Marquis left with nothing. And Fabrizio servant no more fortunate.

This continues until the hotel Kavalier Ripofratta. What is it? It seems dandy does not admire the graceful Mirandolina? But she will not tolerate indifference to him. She decides to win the heart of Ripofratty. History "at all times" draws the audience in an inimitable love the whirlpool!

Great Carlo Goldoni comedy ridiculed in his eternal human vices - greed, greed, duplicity. The famous story, juicy humor and classic Italian affair - who will eventually become the chosen one girl? Small comedy theater (ICB) invites on December 7 in Theatre "Island" in the premiere of "Innkeeper".

Genre: Comedy
Director: People's Artist of the Russian Federation and Larissa V. Chistyakov
Artistic director: Nikolai Ivanov
Starring: Anton Vinogradov, Mikhail Maslyakov Alexander Kratirov, valentine wick, Roman Nesterenko, Nikolai Yerofeyev


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